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PRESS RELEASE: USA – Open letter from IHRC to President Barack...

In open letter to Obama, IHRC Chair expresses that if torture “is never ok” for terrorism suspects in US custody, it must be no less true for American citizens serving out sentences in the US penal system.

Alert: Egypt – Write to Egyptian President urging him to open...

To follow up IHRC's joint-letter to President Mubarak, campaigners are similarly encouraged to write to the Egyptian President, urging him to open the Refah border-crossing to allow aid into Gaza.

PRESS RELEASE: UK – Open letter from IHRC Chair Massoud Shadjareh...

Islamic Human Rights Commission Chair Massoud Shadjareh expresses concern over the safety of this year's British pilgrims to Mecca in an open letter to David Miliband


IHRC will have a stall at the following event...[and] will be promoting Islamic concepts of universal rights and exhibiting some of its work. The event will be in London, UK.

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