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Disabled prisoners unable to bathe or shower for months

Prisons inspector brands Parkhurst a failing jail, lacking basic levels of safety and decency

PRESS RELEASE: UK – IHRC response to conviction and sentencing of...

IHRC is concerned by the conviction and sentencing of three men found guilty of possessing or making documents connected with terrorism

The Veil: A Mark of Seperation or Statement of Identity

Jack Straw\'s comments opened the debate on the veil, now herar the opinion of muslim and non-muslim alike, as well as IHRC\'s head of research Arzu Merali.

Donate to IHRC in US Dollars, Euros or Pounds Sterling; Fundraise...

Help IHRC through different donation options.

Law and British Muslims: Domination of the Majority or Process of...

A report by Saied R. Ameli, Beena Faridi, Karin Lindahl and Arzu Merali for the Islamic Human Rights Commission. ISBN 1-903718-32-5, £7 pp 101


Response from IHRC to the Consultation on Exclusion or Deportation from...

Response from the Islamic Human Rights Commission to the Home Secretary's Consultation on Exclusion or Deportation from the UK of Foreign Nationals on Non-Conducive Grounds

Dual Citizenship: British, Islamic or Both? — Obligation, Recognition, Respect and...

A report by Saied Reza Ameli and Arzu Merali for the Islamic Human Rights Commission

To Liberate or Not to Liberate? Islam, Universalism & Human Rights

A presentation by Arzu Merali dealing with the problems of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights from a Muslim perspective.

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