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Focal Point: Is politics an optional part of the Islamic faith?

Sunday, 18 September at 4pm

As Muslims We Are The Latest Political Toy

The politics of fear is nothing new

We Made a Time Machine… out of British Muslim Election Activism

Arzu Merali looks back on a piece she wrote in 2001 - 'My Lobby Ran Off With Kilroy, or Why Muslims Shouldn't Emulate Zionist Politics'

Author Evening with Salman Sayyid – ‘Recalling the Caliphate’

The author and academic discusses his latest book

PRESS RELEASE: Bahrain – Regime Hypocrisy Unveils Bahrain’s Social Disorder

Regime’s silence on Saudi invasion speaks volumes.

Dialogue on Shias Sunnis & Politics in Iraq

INDEPENDENT VIEWPOINTS presents a discussion regarding religious groups and Iraqi politics.

Press Release: EU Human Rights Report on UK Condemns Politics of...

IHRC welcomes today's country report on the UK by the European Commissioner on Human Rights, Mr Alvaro Gil-Robles.

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