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Press conference in Brussels for the International Day Against Islamophobia with IHRC representative Abed Choudhury

VIDEO – 325 Days of Broken Promises

Video from IHRC press conference held on Bahrain

Event Report – Bahrain Press Conference : 365 days of broken...

1 year since the BICI, no reform in Bahrain

UK activists to slam Bahraini regime’s crimes

Coverage of IHRC's Bahrain Press Conference in PressTV

Press Conference: Bahrain: 365 Days of Broken Promises

One Year Since The Bahrain Independent Commission Inquiry, Still No reform in Bahrain

PRESS RELEASE: UK – Invitation to Press Conference by Lord Avebury

Bahrain, the Saudi intervention and the suppression of the revolution is the topic of this Press Conference.

FORWARDED PRESS RELEASE: UK – Press Conference: “Bahrain’s revolution for change”

Lord Avebury, the Vice-Chairman of the Parliamentary HR Group Cordially invites you to a Press Conference: Bahrain’s revolution for change.

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