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Rise of fascism on back of Islamophobia worrying

A controversial far-right Dutch politician has reiterated his pledge to de-Islamize the Netherlands

Hate crimes expected to rise once talks start

Arzu Merali is interviewed by Press TV on hate crime

Judiciary in Bahrain extension of royal family

Press TV interviewed Massoud Shadjareh about the decision made by a court in Bahrain to dissolve the country’s main Shia opposition group

Debate: Western Media Hypocrisy

Why didn't mainstream media cover the commemoration of Arba'een?

Muslim world must tackle Takfiri terror: Analyst

Takfiri violence is used by certain entities as a pretext to promote Islamophobia

UK anti-terror moves demonize Muslims

Arzu Merali on the new British counter-terrorism measures

Israel’s survival depends on wars: Analyst

Massoud Shadjareh on Israel's violent existence

World silent on human rights abuses in KSA: Analyst

Massoud Shadjareh on the lack of exposure of Saudi's human rights abuses in the West

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