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Reporting Muslims and Coronavirus. A complaint to the BBC

As Massoud Shadjareh recounted in his video of 7 August (see below), IHRC has written a complaint letter to the BBC regarding...

Event Report: The Uprising documentary with Pravini Baboeram

Arzu Merali chaired a film screening and Q&A with activist and singer/songwriter Pravini Baboeram.

Event Report: Uncovering Systemic Racism

Raza Kazim chaired a discussion on 6 June 2020 with Imam Dawud Walid, Dr Mohammed Marandi and Professor Ramón Grosfoguel.

Surah Yusuf, continued (part 2)

Imam al-Asi concludes his introduction to Surah Yusuf and begins discussion of the conversation of Prophet Yusuf with his father.

Deep thoughts about Surat Yusuf

Imam al-Asi continues his discussion on racism and other forms of asabiyyah by looking in detail at Surat Yusuf.

On Racism

Salam... This is the first presentation. It attempts to get at the root cause of today's preponderant socio-economic morass that the world...

Uncovering Systemic Racism

Join us for a live discussion on Saturday, 6 June 2020.

Things to learn about Systemic Racism in the USA #2 –...

Please find here, details of our live event, and more suggested reading.  In order to discuss and contextualise current events in the...

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