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Islamic Human Rights Commission’s written statement on China in relation to...


Islamic Human Rights Commission is particularly concern with the freedom of religion and freedom of expression in China.

Freedom of Religion in Belgium and the Hijab

An overview of the laws pertaining to headscarves for women in Belgium, and Belgium's obligations under international human rights norms.


Amal Press in association with Bristol Muslim Cultural Society (BMCS)


Briefing now available on-line: Proposed French Ban on Religious Signs in...

IHRC's latest briefing looks at the controversial issue of the banning of the headscarf for Muslim girls in French schools.

Proposed French Ban on Religious Signs in School violates Freedom of...

One recurring difficulty for Muslim women in France is the ban on the Islamically prescribed headscarf from public institutions.

Briefing now available on-line: Hinduvata bans freedom of religion in India

IHRC overviews the attempts by various states to ban Dalits from converting to non-Hindu faiths and the resultant violations of human rights.

Hinduvata Bans Freedom of Religion in India

The Indian states of Tamil Nadu and Gujarat succeeded in passing anti-conversion laws. These laws intend to prevent Dalits, 'untouchables' or low-caste Hindus, converting to non-Hindu faiths...

The Religion of Human Rights

Saeed Bahmanpour sets out the dilemma faced by most people who are faithful to God and at the same time want to make sure...

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