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Sexist firm slurred my faith: suit

They made fun of her religion and snorted sexist comments, and now she is fighting back.

Saudi Arabia: Oral statement on the outcome of Saudi Arabia under...


IHRC documented official discrimination against Shia Muslims in religious practices, the justice system and marriage with their free and full consent.

URGENT ALERT: Pakistan– Write to the Pakistani High Commission/Embassy in your...

IHRC is concerned with the increasing level of religious discrimination in Pakistan and asks campaigners to write either to the Pakistani High Commissioner or Ambassador in their country to highlight some recent cases of discrimination.

Forwarded Alert: USA – Support Religious Freedom in Oklahoma

This demand would “strictly prohibit” individuals from wearing “head scarves” and “head garments” in driver's license photographs.

Press Release: FRANCE / UK – New report ‘For Liberty: The...

IHRC's latest report, published today, looks at France and its legislation that largely affects Muslim girls and young women.

France: Concerns Regarding the Violation of CEDAW by the Hijab/Religious Symbols...

Executive summary of report submitted to 40th session of CEDAW, January 2008 by IHRC.

Press Release: Incitement to Religious Hatred debate submerged in Islamophobia

The Islamic Human Rights Commission is very concerned at the level of xenophobia surrounding the incitement to religious hatred debate.

Muslim Women, Human Rights and Religious Freedom: Europe Under the Spotlight...

How France, Germany and Belgium hav eundermined their own constitutions and violated human right sprinciples and laws in their proposed hijab bans.

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