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Action Alert: Palestine/Israel – Protest against G4S complicity in the torture...

Join the vigils outside BBC and G4S to protest the torture of Palestinian prisoners

ALERT: On-Line Form for Reporting Anti-Muslim Harassment and Hostility

HAve you been the victim of anti-Muslim prejudice, hostility or abuse? Please let us know using our on-line form

Language, Media and the Public Mind – A Case Study of...

An analysis of how overt and covert racist and Islamophobic stereotyping in the media works, with specific reference to the 'ricin incident' in the UK earlier this year.


The following URL on the BBC website titled "Israel's History of Bomb Blasts” gives a detailed account of "some of the most deadly” Palestinian bomb attacks against Israelis since September 2000.

CAMPAIGN UPDATE: Reporting of anti-Muslim backlash incidents since September 11.

1. New report being prepared into anti-Muslim attacks, request for reporting.
2. EU acknowledges IHRC's work in reporting anti-Muslim attacks in new report.

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