Hybrid War on Iran and Venezuela

The first in the Long View Conversations takes Ramon Grosfoguel’s essay on hybrid war against Iran and Venezuela as a starting point for a discussions on the use of sanctions and the impact they have on innocent populations. Available as a video, and an audio

VIDEO: 2020 Review

This week’s video from IHRC Chair Massoud Shadjareh is a little longer than usual. He highlights key stories from the year and calls on all of us to join together and work for a better world. Watch the video below, and read / watch /

CORONAVIRUS: Iran sanctions impede fight to contain global spread

PRESS RELEASE – The global fight against the Coronavirus risks being undermined if US sanctions against Iran aren’t lifted. In a letter to the UN Secretary General, IHRC has called on António Guterres to bring international pressure to bear on Washington to temporarily suspend the

Genocide Memorial Day successfully marked

PRESS RELEASE: The annual Genocide Memorial Day in London passed off peacefully without incident at the weekend with an international panel of speakers sharing damning views about how economic sanctions have and continue to contribute towards genocides against developing world peoples. An attentive audience heard