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Egyptian authorities urge US to return of Sheikh Omar Abdulrahman to...

The Egyptian authorities have made an official request to the US administration for them to return Sheikh Abdulrahman to his native Egypt.

Alert: US – Campaigners are requested to write letters of support...

IHRC requests all campaigners to write letters of support and encouragement to Sheikh Omar Abdul Rahman, especially with the month of Ramadan fast approaching.

Campaign Update: Prisoners of Faith – Sheikh Omar Abdul Rahman’s health...

Recent reports state that health of the elderly Egyptian sheikh, Omar Abdul Rahman, deteriorates in prison.

Alert: Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman Postcards Now Available Online for Order

Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman Postcards can now be ordered online, by phone or in writing.

Prisoner of Faith Campaign Pack: Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, USA

Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman is the elderly Egyptian sheikh, imprisoned in the US in 1995 under sedition laws last used during American civil war

Alert: Prisoners of Faith Campaign Pack: US – Sheikh Omar Abdel...

This Ramadan we urge you to campaign for Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, elderly Egyptian sheikh, imprisoned in the US since 1995.

CAMPAIGN UPDATE: Sheikh Ali Belhadj Released released!

Prisoner of Faith Sheikh Ali Belhadj has been released from his detention in Algeria.

Urgent Alert: Yemen – Protest death sentence on Sheikh Yahya...

Sheikh Yahya Hussein al-Dailami was sentenced to death in May this year for conspiring to harm “the diplomatic and political position of Yemen.”

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