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Buy your gifts for Eid Ul-Adha from IHRC!

Whether it is on-line or in-store, please help IHRC this Eid ul Adha and purchase your gifts for Eid from us.

Exquisite Gifts available at IHRC Bookshop, Gallery and Information Centre

We have lovely Gifts in store at unbelievable prices just for Ramadan!

Alert: Global – Shopping for Ramadan and Eid? – Shop at...

This is a special request to all of you on our mailing list to help support the work of IHRC this Ramadan by purchasing your Eid cards and gifts through the IHRC on-line shop.

Alert: Global – IHRC Shop Competition. Send us your photos...

Bought an IHRC cap, T-shirt, umbrella, even a report?  Got an IHRC badge?  Been photographed with any of it?

Alert: High quality Canvas prints for sale at the IHRC shop...

IHRC is pleased to announce that a selection of 14 prints from renowned photographer Muhsin Kilby are now available for sale at https://www.ihrc.org.uk/catalog

NEW items and offers at the IHRC shop on-line, free gifts...

Support the struggle for justice by visiting the IHRC shop online. By treating yourself to a great range of reasonably priced IHRC merchandise you will be donating to a worthwhile cause.

Help IHRC this Ramadan – Donate & Shop On-Line at www.ihrc.org.uk

Once more Ramadan is almost upon us. We humbly request that you remember IHRC again this year.

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