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“Human rights and business: South Africa and beyond”

Hear Chair of South African Human Rights Commission speak about "Human rights and business: South Africa and beyond"

Shaker Aamer – Detainee 239, A South London Man In Guantanamo

A Cageprisoners conference to mark 2000 days of the existence of Guantanamo Bay and the ongoing imprisonment of Shaker and others

Press Release: Briefing now online – Anti-terrorism laws in South East...

A prominent London-based human rights organization today called on governments around the world to end their practice of enacting and abusing anti-terrorism laws.

Anti-Terrorism Legislation in South East Asia

The following briefing will examine the anti-terrorism legislation in place in various countries in South East Asia and the implications for human rights.

South Africa: ‘Stop Bush’ March

Mass March to Parliament.

‘The Islamic Struggle for Justice: The Cases of South Africa &...

Islamic Human Rights Commission and Cambridge University Islamic Society
Date: Tuesday 19th February 2002
Venue: Main Lecture Theatre, Physiology Department, Downing Site
(off Tennis Court Road and Downing St.), Cambridge CB2 3EG

URGENT ALERT: Anti-Muslim Backlash in South Africa

Muslims in South Africa have become subject to a backlash after the Planet Hollywood restaurant bombing which took place on Tuesday 25 August in Cape Town.

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