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IHRC chair speaks at: “The Outbreak of the Intifada: Turning Back...

Second event in a series of events which commemorates 10 years since the the Al-Aqsa / Second Intifada against the zionist-apartheid state.

Netanyahu says Israel ready for a Palestinian state – with conditions

But a future Palestine must be 'demilitarized,' and the Jewish settlements won't be halted, Israel's leader says.

Forwarded Press Release: Civil Action against Dutch State for Failing to...

Civil actions due on 16 June 2008 against Dutch State for failing to protect the people of Srebrenica.

France – New Secular Taliban State in Europe

IHRC condemns French Muslim wedding ban


The Free Al-Zakzaky! Campaign is asking all campaigners to fax or telephone the Nigerian High Commission in the London, UK today to leave messages for the President General Abubakr

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