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Iran: Oral statement on the closure, by the Iranian government, of...


The Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC) welcomes the closure, by the Iranian government, of the Kahrizak detention centre.

PRESS RELEASE: Gaza / UK – IHRC Statement on bombing of...

On the bombing of Gaza by Israeli forces, IHRC Chairman Said:
“As People of the world watch this latest heinous act, we await swift and outright condemnation of these crimes and action from governments worldwide.”

PRESS RELEASE: UK – Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC) Makes an...

IHRC has made an oral intervention at the Human Rights Council UN in Geneva on the extension of pre-trial detention from 28 days to 42 days.

Press Release: IHRC Statement on 12th Anniversary of Srebrenica

On the 12th anniversary of the worst atrocity on European soil since the Second World War, IHRC is concerned at the international community\'s responses.

Press Release: IHRC Response to Tony Blair’s Statement to Train Imams...

The Islamic Human Rights Commission is deeply concerned by the recent statement made by Tony Blair to have more imams and religious leaders trained in the UK.

Press Release: IHRC Statement in Response to New Government Guidelines which...

IHRC is deeply shockled and dismayed at DfES\'s announcement.

IHRC Statement on 5th Anniversary of Guantanamo Bay

On the 5th anniversary of the opening of Guantanamo Bay, the Islamic Human Rights Commission calls for the closure of the prison facility.

Press Release: IHRC statement in response to Andy Hayman’s Comments

In response to Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Andy Hayman\'s
comments today, IHRC Chair Massoud Shadjareh stated:

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