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Sudan protesters celebrate end of Bashir’s rule

Massoud Shadjareh discusses the ousting of Omar el-Bashir in Sudan.

Sudan: Submission of UN UPR to the Eleventh Session of the...

In this submission the Islamic Human Rights Commission raises concern in relation to atrocities the people of Sudan have long been facing.

PRESS RELEASE: UK – IHRC Chairman: HR community must resist US’s...

Massoud Shadjareh says the US’s abuse of HR to attack its enemies is “hypocritical” and “self-serving”

GMD Memorial Essay, September 2010: Darfur by Seyfeddin Kara

The atrocities that people of Darfur have long been facing captured the attention of the international community.

IHRC Newsletter 2004

Read the review of IHRC work 2003 - 2004.

Update Alert: Sudan – Opposition journalists facing death penalty and life...

On 15 May 2010, four journalists were arrested and face sentences of life imprisonment or the death penalty.

Update Alert: Sudan – Opposition journalists detained and tortured

Abu Zar Alamin, Deputy Director of the suspended Rai Al-Shaab newspaper, confirmed that he was subjected to physical torture, including beatings and electric shocks.

URGENT ALERT: Sudan – Dr Al Turabi arrested and detained in...

Thirty soldiers in three armed vehicles arrived at his place of residence and carried out the arrest with no formal charges or warrant.  

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