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Mladic on trial for genocide but demonisation of Muslims continues

"Europe hasn't learnt from the Holocaust or Bosnian genocide". 

Forwarded Alert: UK –JFAC London- THE LAST STAND

Join the Justice for Aafia Coalition (JFAC) for a rally outside the US embassy to protest 7 years of detention and abuse, and the impending threat of a life sentence in prison.

PRESS RELEASE: UK – Report on ‘”Karzakan and Ma’ameer Cases, Bahrian,...

IHRC monitored the verdict hearing of 19 young men held on 13th October 2009. The report highlights the observations and conclusions by an IHRC observer on the trial.

Report of the Trial Monitor in the Karzakan and Ma’ameer cases,...

The IHRC sent Abed Choudhury to monitor the verdict hearing of 19 Bahraini men charged with killing a police officer. 

PRESS RELEASE: Ethiopia – IHRC condemns sentencing of Canadian citizen today...

 The Islamic Human Rights Commission condemns today’s sentencing of Ethiopian-born Canadian citizen Bashir Ahmed Makhtal in Ethiopia’s high court.

Conspiracy to blow up JFK Prosecution tenders range of evidence ahead...

Information from two computers seized from the home of Guyanese Abdul Kadir and other documentation are among the evidence the prosecution will present when the conspiracy to blow up the JFK International Airport case starts.

Dutch Islamophobe fails to escape trial

The Dutch Supreme Court has rejected a request by far-right lawmaker Geert Wilders to cancel his pending trial for the spread of Islamophobia.

Update Alert: Bahrain – Haq Movement leaders on trial in Bahrain

35 Bahraini activists on trial in Bahrain, including members of opposition group Haq.

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