12. An alternative for the Democratic Party

What are the next steps following on from the assault on Capitol Hill and the now clear fractures in US society? Many commentators are expecting a confrontation in 4 years time, and looking at Trump as the problem. However is that actually the case? What

Latest edition of The Long View online now

Volume 3, Issue 1 of The Long View is out now and available to read without charge online. The January 2021 / Jumad al Akhir 1442 issue is entitled From Bosnia to the US: Fighting religious and political particularism. In Remember, Remember the Third of


Sandew Hira’s article originally appears on the Decolonial International Network website. Please visit to get more articles from, resources of and details of the network. Introduction The storming of Capitol Hill, the seat of the US government, on January 6 2021 by Trump supporters is

PREMIERE: Talking About Islamophobia between Obama and Trump

Co-author of IHRC’s latest book into Islamophobia focusing on the USA, Saeed A. Khan joins IHRC to discuss the situation for Muslims and the wider justice issues in the USA. Buy the book here, currently on offer. This video premieres on 11 October 2020, 7pm

Muslim history in the USA and the current uprisings

Listen to Saeed A. Khan discuss the new IHRC publication from him and Saied R. Ameli, What’s Going on Here? Muslim experiences of Islamophobia in the USA between Obama and Trump on Radio Islam in South Africa on Monday 22 June 2020. The book is