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Muslim leaders urged to restate unity objectives

PRESS RELEASE –The Universal Justice Network (UJN) has appealed to the signatories of a unity declaration to...

Open letter to signatories of the Bodrum Declaration

30 September 2020An open letter addressed to the signatories of the UJN Pakistan Unity...

Dignity Day

1 November, from 2 - 4pm

UJN Pakistan Unity Declaration 1434

UJN Pakistan Unity Declaration 1434 condemning sectarianism

Statement on Revival of Sectarianism

Statement on Revival of Sectarianism 

The Quest for Unity and other selected works

by Imam Achmad Cassiem, with a Foreword by Imam Muhammad Al-Asi, published 17 February 2011£8 /ISBN 978-1-907517-00-6 /215mm x 279mm/104 pages /paperback / IHRC Press

The Forgotten Power of Dua

Speech by Imam Achmad Cassiem.

Awakening the Ummah: The Sleeping Giant

Imam Achmad Cassiem speaks.

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