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PRESS RELEASE – Pakistan: Pakistani authorities urged to reform anti-terror act

The government is using terrorism law as a means to hound and harass religious leaders critical of the authorities

Shia, Sunni Meeting in Malaysia Discuss ‘World Muslim Unity’

The focus of the meetings was on building a cohesive society in Indonesia

Delegation investigating sectarianism in Malaysia and Indonesia

Resource page for the IHRC-led delegation in Malaysia and Indonesia

Alert: UJN delegation visiting Malaysia and Indonesia

To address the recent sectarian problems in the region

Update Alert: Indonesia – Food and water reinstated in Sampang sports...

IHRC welcomes the news of the reinstatement of food and water in the Sampang sports complex

VIDEO – Sampang Crisis – IHRC response

IHRC's response to Crisis in Sampang

FORWARDED PRESS RELEASE: UJN condemns the sectarian bomb attacks in Pakistan

The Universal Justice Movement strongly condemns the bomb attacks which killed more than 100 people in one day.

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