Hybrid War on Iran and Venezuela

The first in the Long View Conversations takes Ramon Grosfoguel’s essay on hybrid war against Iran and Venezuela as a starting point for a discussions on the use of sanctions and the impact they have on innocent populations. Available as a video, and an audio

Colonial and Decolonial in Venezuela

Watch these short videos from Ramon Grosfoguel discussing the colonial and racist attacks on Venezuela, and the possibilities of decolonial resistance. Is Venezuela Decolonial? On the Attacks on Venezuela: a Decolonial View

Genocide Memorial Day successfully marked

PRESS RELEASE: The annual Genocide Memorial Day in London passed off peacefully without incident at the weekend with an international panel of speakers sharing damning views about how economic sanctions have and continue to contribute towards genocides against developing world peoples. An attentive audience heard

IHRC marks Genocide Memorial Day to prevent future atrocities

Press TV’s Bianca Rahimi covered the London, UK event. Watch the video or read the article. Original article here. Bianca Rahimi Press TV, London Speakers from the US, Iran and Venezuela had some damning evidence to share at this year’s genocide memorial day. They say

Genocide Memorial Day to focus on deadly impact of sanctions

PRESS RELEASE: Economic sanctions are to be the focus of the annual Genocide Memorial Day. Events held in London, Brussels and Amsterdam will examine the aims and effects of sanctions and interventions against different countries, with a particular focus on Iran and Venezuela. Genocide is

Venezuela: The Failed Coup

Ahmed Kaballo recounts his findings from his trip to Venezuela. On 23rd January 2019, the U.S backed Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó, declared himself the Interim President of Venezuela, much to the dismay of many Venezuelans and the elected President Nicolás Maduro. Journalist Ahmed Kaballo