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Nigeria Digest #99

Demand Security for ArbaeenTrek 2019

Nigeria Digest #98

Another victim of Ashura attack attained martyrdom

Nigeria Digest #97

Take action write to the Embassy / High Commission of Nigeria in your country

Nigeria Digest #96

Nigerian Forces killed over a dozen Ashura mourners

Nigeria forces kill 3 mourners on Ashura

IHRC's Arzu Merali joins Press TV to give an update on the situation of the Islamic Movement and Sheikh Zakzaky.

Fatalities as Nigerian police fire on Ashura marchers

PRESS RELEASEAt least three people are dead and many more wounded after police opened fire with live ammunition...

NIGERIA: Demand your Minister of Foreign Affairs intervene to stop killings...

Use the information, model letter email and contacts below to demand justice in Nigeria

NIGERIA: Police fire on Ashura Processions

At least two confirmed killed by police fire in Kaduna. Procession in Katsina fired upon, heavy police presence reported around procession in...

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