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Nigeria Digest #73

Leaked letter expose plan to attack Islamic movement

NIGERIA: Leaked letter exposes plan to attack Islamic Movement ahead of...

Islamic Human Rights Commission6 February 2019PRESS RELEASE – NIGERIA: Leaked letter exposes plan to attack...

IHRC welcomes court order allowing Sheikh Zakzaky to receive medical treatment

Islamic Human Rights Commission23 January 2019PRESS RELEASE – NIGERIA: IHRC welcomes court order allowing Sheikh...

Nigeria Digest #69

Massive #FreeZakzaky protests during first of 2019

Alert: Help Raise Emergency Funds for Nigeria

Donate NOW to support the hundreds who are injured

Five things to know and do: The Islamic Movement of Nigeria

IHRC asks campaigners and concerned onlookers to find out more and take relevant action

PRESS RELEASE – Zaria, Nigeria: Police open fire on Ashura procession

At least one person has been shot in the leg after police opened fire on a large procession marking the day of Ashura

Zakzaky’s 1000 days of wrongful incarceration

Rallies and peaceful protests by all justice loving people continue across the world for Zakzaky

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