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Nigeria Digest #104

Two more #FreeZakzaky protesters killed by Nigerian Police

Sheikh Zakzaky on US extrajudicial killings

This short clip is reportedly taken from Sheikh's speech during Shabaniyah celebrations in June 2014.

Alert: Write your own message of support to Sheikh Zakzaky and...

BackgroundRequested ActionRecipient addressBackgroundOn 5 December...

ICC investigating Zaria massacre, concerned about alleged evidence tampering

PRESS RELEASEThe International Criminal Court in The Hague is continuing to investigate the massacre of over 1000 civilians...

Free Zakzaky Campaign

Find all the action alerts, information and resources you need on this page for the FreeZakzaky campaign.

UN urged to intervene in Zakzaky case on Human Rights Day

PRESS RELEASE – NIGERIAIHRC has written to the United Nations' High Commissioner for Human Rights urging her to...

Mohammad Zakzaky statement

Statement from Mohammad El-Zakzaky, son of Sheikh Ibrahim El-Zakzaky and Mallima Zeena. To campaign for justice for the Sheikh and Mallima...

Nigeria Digest #103

Next week marks 4 years of #Zakzaky's detention

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