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ALERT: Nigeria – Release Sheikh Zakzaky, Muallima – Demand African Union’s...

Denial of Amnesty for Sheikh Zakzaky Unacceptable

Nigeria Digest # 131

Armed Police detained 3 injured casualties, from last month's Ashura attack

ALERT: Nigeria – Demand authorities release Sheikh Zakzaky, Muallima, other prisoners...

Take action as Sheikh Zakzaky's health further deteriorated

Nigeria Digest #130

Zakzaky's health seriously deteriorated

Nigeria Digest #129

Police attacked Ashura procession, killed three

PRESS RELEASE: NIGERIA – One reporter, one mourner killed by police,...

Second press releaseUpdated 16.41 to include details of a second fatality.

PRESS RELEASE: NIGERIA – Concern as mourners in Zaria injured and...

IHRC is concerned that once again Nigerian authorities have chosen to target those members of the Islamic Movement choosing to peacefully commemorate...

NIGERIA: Demand African Union intervene to stop killings on Ashura

Urge African Union to stop possible attacks on Ashura

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