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IHRC accuses Charity Commission of Islamophobia

Islamic Human Rights Commission7 March 2019IHRC has written to the Charity Commission accusing it...

A marriage of convenience

Faisal Bodi explains how a shared interest in promoting Islamophobia is nourishing an unlikely alliance between Zionist Jews and the extreme far right.

PRESS RELEASE – UK: IHRC Asks Parliamentary Watchdog To Investigate Hate-Preaching...

IHRC believes that Mr Offord has breached the House of Commons code of conduct in trying to sabotage and disrupt the Al-Quds Day rally

PRESS RELEASE – UK: IHRC demands retraction and apology for MP’s...

Offord's statements form part of a wider hate campaign against the rally by a coalition of Zionist groups.

PRESS RELEASE – UK: MP incites hate against pro-Palestinian rally

Conservative MP Matthew Offord's statement is deliberately deceitful and libellous

PRESS RELEASE – UK: Zionists threaten peaceful annual march in London

The Metropolitan Police have said they will not be policing the annual event this year breaking with a historic policy to make sure the march passes off peacefully

We Made a Time Machine… out of British Muslim Election Activism

Arzu Merali looks back on a piece she wrote in 2001 - 'My Lobby Ran Off With Kilroy, or Why Muslims Shouldn't Emulate Zionist Politics'

Press release: UK – Scottish council urged to drop anti-Palestinian school...

School worksheet describes Palestinians as terrorists

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