The Long View

The Long View

How to Make a Genocide And How to Resist it

Richard Haley looks at the how, not the why, of the Israeli and allied states’ waging of genocide.  Understanding this is crucial to the formation of truly liberatory projects. On 7 October 2023, while the Hamas incursion into Israel was still underway, Joe Biden promised

Gaza: The Warsaw Ghetto of the 21st Century

Ramón Grosfoguel unpacks the narratives – pseudo-legal and pseudo sacred – that have been used to justify both Israel’s formation and the current genocide it is undertaking.  It is time, he argues, to reclaim both narratives.   The genocidal ethnic cleansing of Palestine is made

The rise of the extreme right in the 20th and 21st century

Sandew Hira argues that European exceptionalism and the rise of the far-right are twin prongs from a continuing colonial current.  He argues that activists need to understand the limitation of current political systems and activism in westernised settings if they are to create a better

Je Suis – We Are All Palestinians: Lessons from the Propaganda War

Sahib Mustaqim Bleher calls on Muslims and all those of good conscience, to move beyond the framing of Palestine as dictated by the mainstream westernised media, as both individuals and societies. “Historic break-out from Gaza concentration camp – prison guards taken hostage. Jointly, Arabs in

Liberating Holy Land North and South: Decolonising the Muslim Mind

Imam Muhammad al-Asi contends that the characteristics of Bani Israel as outlined extensively in the Qur’an, are to be found in the Muslim mind, psyche and collective action.  Understanding this is key to liberating not just the Holy Land but for the establishment of justice

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Why Genocide Denial and Genocide Awareness Matter

As tensions continue to simmer in the former Yugoslav state, Demir Mahmutćehajić’s reflections as to commemoration and erasure of current and previous genocides in Bosnia and elsewhere provides some insight into the possibilities and perils of the future. In July 2017[i], Islamic Human Rights Commission