Things to do in isolation #12 – watch The Uprising

Things to do in isolation #12 – watch The Uprising

[May 26, 2020] Many of you will remember the screening we held of singer and activist Pravini’s decolonial movie, The Uprising, last year. 

The Uprising by Pravini can be accessed on YouTube, or watch it below. The Uprising tells the story of resistance against racism in Europe, and asks how we can mobilise together for a better future for all.[page continues after video]

If you haven’t seen it yet or if you have seen it, but want to watch it again, go check it out! If you want the story and perspective offered in The Uprising to be heard and seen, share the link, spread the word.  Read more about the film at the end of the page.*

You can watch the Question and Answer session we held at the bookshop afterwards here, or below. [page continues after video]

The film follows a narrative based on the concept of Decolonizing the Mind (DTM), using interviews with academics and activists, alongside 9 original songs by Pravini herself.  Pravini is developing a toolkit to go alongside the film, and has organised the #DTMChallenge to run on social media later this year.  To find out more about it and join the mailing list go to Pravini’s site here.

For some reading associated with the topics under discuss see the suggestions below from the Decolonizing the Mind series published by Amrit Publishers.

Palestine…It Is Something Colonial by Hatem Bazian

20 Questions and Answers About Reparations for Colonialism by Sandew Hira

20 Questions and Answers on Black Europe by Stephen Small [SIGNED]

As ever, send us your feedback and suggestions.

With prayers and peace,

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* About the documentary: 

The Uprising includes commentary and experiences from academics and activists, and the Dutch-Indian singer/songwriter Pravini Baboeram offers a decolonial perspective on the anti-racism movement in the Netherlands, UK and France. She not only provides an analysis of the history and legacy of colonialism, but also a vision on strategy for the future of the movement.

This documentary zooms in on collective challenges of communities of colour. In 9 self-written songs Pravini connects the fight against Blackface, the struggle for the recognition of colonial crimes that the Netherlands has committed in Indonesia, the fight for the liberation of Palestine and the struggle in the political field for an inclusive society. “The Uprising” offers a unique view of the resistance against racism in Europe through the eyes of people of colour.

With contributions by:

  • Jessica de Abreu, Stop Blackface (The Netherlands)
  • Hatem Bazian, Professor of Islamic Law and Theology, Zaytuna College/UC Berkeley (USA)
  • Houria Bouteldja, Parti des Indigènes de la République (France)
  • Chaima Demnate, Students for Justice in Palestine (The Netherlands)
  • Ramón Grosfoguel, Professor of Chicano/Latino Studies, UC Berkeley (USA)
  • Roberto D. Hernández, Associate professor Department of Chicana and Chicano Studies, San Diego State University (USA)
  • Sandew Hira, Decolonial International Network (The Netherlands)
  • Raza Kazim, Islamic Human Rights Commission (UK)
  • Tunahan Kuzu, DENK (The Netherlands)
  • Arzu Merali, Islamic Human Rights Commission (UK)
  • Selim Nadi, Parti des Indigènes de la République (France)
  • Jeffry Pondaag, Committee of Dutch Debts of Honour (The Netherlands)
  • Stephen Small, Professor of African American Studies, UC Berkeley (USA)
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