28th September 2000


More arrest and terror around the country.

IHRC is deeply concerned with the arrest being made in Sudan by the government especially after incidents of torture were found evident in one of the detainess. Mr Al Tigani Senein, a former Engineering Affairs Minister (Warap State, South Sudan), has been subjected to brutal treatment and torture in the place that he is being
detained in. One of the abuses is that he was repeatedly hit by the butt of an AK 47 rifle.

Further arrests were reported in the early hours of morning in Khartoum. The following have been arrested:

1/ Abdul Halim Al Turabi, younger brother of Dr Hassan Al Turabi.
2/ Haj Majid Muhammad Siwar, PNC Students Secretary (its deputy was arrested one week ago).
3/ Yassin Ahmed, a well known Islamist businessman.
4/ Muhammad Osman Al Beily, Rapporteur PNC Khartoum State Shura Council.
5/ Al Rayah Abdul Khair Khair Al Seed.
6/ Gibreel Al Neel.
7/ Ali Hassan.
8/ Ahmed Al Shain Al Wali.
9/ Osama Ilyas.
10/ Abdul Qadir Al Tayeb.

All these brothers were arrested in the early hours of 22nd of September in
Khartoum. Other arrests have also taken place in Central Sudan on the same day. The names of those arrested are as follows:

11/ Muhammad Abdul Halim, PNC Secretary Khartoum Province (Khartoum State) —
a well known poet.
12/ Osman Hassan Abdullah Jadaa’, PNC (General Education-Khartoum).
13/ Osman Al Basha, PNC Jabal Awlia Province (Khartoum State).
14/ Nasruddin Mahjoub, PNC Khartoum Province.
15/ Muhammad Hamid Sulieman, PNC Political Secretary (N. Kurdufan
State-Western Sudan), Chairman of Economic Committee of North Kurdufan
Legislative Council.
16/ Abdul Bagi Muhammad Daweina, PNC Deputy Secretary North Kurdufan.
17/ Al Daey Muhammad Al Daey, PNC Sheikan Province (North Kurdufan State).
18/ Babiker Al Badri, Secretary, Students Support Fund, Al Hasaheisa Gezira
State (Central Sudan).
19/ Adam Al Faki Muhammad, PNC Economic Secretary, North Darfur State (W
20/ Adam Bashir Ibrahim, PNC Secretary Kosti Province, White Nile State
(Central Sudan).
21/ Abdul Halim Muhammad Bahruddin, Student & Mujahid, Kosti (White Nile
22/ Hassan Abdullah, Munneeb Secondary School Union, Kosti.
23/ Al Toum Muhammad Ahmed Balla, Student & mujahid, Kosti.
24/ Muhammad Al Sir, Student, External relations Secretary, Kosti Students
25/ Osama Mahjoub, Adminstrative Officer, Al Hasaheisa (Gezira State-Central
26/ Al Yaqut Ahmed Abdul Rahim, Adminstrative Officer, Al Hasaheisa.
27/ Abdul Rahim Al Amin, Al Hasaheisa.
28/ Osama Ahmed Masa’ad Kardash, University Student.
29/ Masa’ad Abdullah Musaab, PNC Al Hasaheisa.
30/ Al Zubair Hassan Musa, PNC Al Hasaheisa.
31/ Nawal Mustafa, PNC Women’s Secretary, Al Hasaheisa.
32/ Omar Ahmed Barsham, Lawyer, Kosti.
33/ Rahma Al Imam, Engineer, Rabak (White Nile State – Central Sudan).
34/ Ahmed Abdul Rahman Ahmed Al Tahir. He is responsible for the universities sector in the PNC Students Secretariat.
Just in today at 18.03 p.m. :
35/ Hussein Abdul Bagi Akol. Son of Sultan Abdul Bagi Akol, a prominent
tribal leader from South Sudan and more importantly the powerful tribe of
Dinka (same tribe as John Garang of the SPLA).
36/ Jamal Abdul Aal Khojali, Businessman & Director of Computer Sciences & IT
37/ Ahmd Abdalla (on arrival at Khartoum Airport from the Gulf) Businessman
and Director of Sandal Medical Co.
38/ Mustafa Mohammed Madani, Manager of the PNC HQ’s.

A number of brothers have managed to escape detention and have gone

1/ Dr Eissa Bashari, a doctor and tribal leader from the Messiriya tribe of
Western Sudan. Active dawa worker and has led many initiatives for peaceful
co existence between the Messiriya (Arab Muslim tribe) and the Dinka of
South Sudan as they neighbor each other. It is his tribe which has suffered
most from SPLA attacks as well as Baroness Cox’s allegations of slavery etc.
He is very close to Hussein Abdul Bagi Akol.
Security forces tried to stop him around midnight, when he refused to stop
they fired at him but were unable to hit him. Later they entered his house
terrifying his family by firing their weapons in the air and confiscated his
wife’s private car (she is a university lecturer). He has yet to be found.

2/ Ibn Omar Mohammed Ahmed. Well known Islamic activist, prominent student
leader in the 70’s. Tribal leader from Northern Kurdufan (W Sudan). Served
as Deputy Governor of Kurdufan State in early nineties. Sudanese Cultural
Attache in mid-nineties in Tehran.

3/ Kual Deng. From Dinka tribe S Sudan. Brother in law of Hussein Abdul
Bagi. Security forces tried to arrest him Monday but he jumped from the 2nd
floor of the building he was in to a neighboring one.

Requested action
Please write urgent letters, faxes, e-mails of concern to the Sudanese president, and to the Sudanese Embassy in your country. Some useful addresses are given below:
UK: Embassy of the Republic of the Sudan, 3 Cleveland Row, St. James’s, SW1A 1DD. Tel: 0207 8398080; Fax: 0207 839 7560

America: Sudanese Embassy, 2210 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington D.C., 20008. Tel: +1 202 338 8565; Fax: +1 202 667 2406;

South Africa: Sudan Embassy Email:

UN (Mission:Geneva) : Avenue Blanc 47, Geneva, 1202, Tel:+42 22 731 26 66; Fax: +41 22 731 26 56; Email:

For specimen letters and addresses, please contact IHRC. [END]

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