Eid-ul-Fitr Mubarak!

Eid mubarak! As the Blessed Month of Ramadan ends and we enter the Blessed Month of Shawwal, We ask Allah to accept our fast and our worship and good deeds. May Allah purify our sins and shower His blessings and mercy upon us all. Donate

Latest issue of The Long View out now

‘Time to Uncover the Histories of Occupation and Oppression’ is available now. Olsi Jazexhi’s essay looks at ‘How did Israel go from Pariah to become God’s Chosen Nation in the Balkans?’  Denijal Jegić discusses the overlooked incursions of Israel into Lebanon in ‘Liberating Lebanon and Decolonising

Tales of Mini Maryam – Mini Me Book Activity

This closed event took place on Friday 10th July, organised by the Children’s Islamic Library. Find a summary of the event to celebrate the publication of Tales of Mini Maryam, the craft activity that followed the story time and images from the winning entries in

Surah Yusuf, continued (part 2)

Imam al-Asi concludes his introduction to Surah Yusuf and begins discussion of the conversation of Prophet Yusuf with his father. This series relates the Qur’an to the present moment of uprising against racism and injustice. Subscribe to the channel on YouTube here. Watch below.


Deep thoughts about Surat Yusuf

Imam al-Asi continues his discussion on racism and other forms of asabiyyah by looking in detail at Surat Yusuf. Watch below and subscribe on Youtube ‘IslamicCenterDC‘.