URGENT ALERT: SUDAN Dr Hassan al-Turabi

URGENT ALERT: SUDAN Dr Hassan al-Turabi

IslamicHuman Rights Commission

28th February 2001

URGENT ALERT: SUDAN Dr Hassan al-Turabi

Dr Hassan al-Turabi is the leader of the Sudanese Popular National Congress (PNC) party. He was arrested on 21 February 2001 by President Omar al-Beshir’s security forces. Dr Hassan al-Turabi originally helped Beshir in the 1989 coup but during the last 16 months formed his own party after leaving the President’s National Congress (NC). During his arrest Dr Turabi was told that he had to explain the signing of an understanding between his party and the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) of Southern Sudan, which took place just three days earlier. The arrest of Dr Turabi coincides with the arrest of several high ranking PNC members, which begun at the beginning of February.

In September 2000 around 80 people connected with this party were arrested. These arrests were based on Sudanese government claims that the opposition PNC had been “conspiring to undermine the government”. Government officials also accused the PNC of inciting riots in the Northern Darfur state of Fashir in Western Sudan. A further report notified IHRC that the Sudanese security forces had begun arresting a large number of PNC members including youth members. It was reported that one of the detained, Al Tegani Senein was subjected to brutal treatment, by being hit repeatedly with an AK47 rifle. Alhumdullillah the detained brothers and one sister were eventually released in December 2000.

Address for letters of support:

Letter to Sudanese Foreign Embassy about Dr Hassan al-Turabi



His Excellency
Dr Hassan Abdeen
The Embassy of the Republic of Sudan
3 Cleveland Row
St James’s

Dear Dr Hassan Abdeen

Assalaam Alaikum

I am writing to express my concern over the recent arrest of Dr Hassan al-Turabi, leader of the Popular National Congress party of Sudan. I am exremely worried that the ensuing government clampdown on Dr Turabi and several other high ranking PNC members will result in large scale unrest acoss the country.

Dr Turabi is not alleged to have committed any crime. The reason for his signing of an agreement between his party and the Sudan Peoples Liberation Army does not warrant an arrest, under any form of law. Difference in opinion is legitimate as long as Islam is not opposed.

demand fair trial observe all human rights


I look forward to hearing from you about the immediate releaseof Dr Hassan al-Turabi.



Addresses of Sudanese Contacts

Dr Ahmed Elmufti
The Advisory Council on Human Rights of the Government of Sudan
P O Box 302

Tel: 00 249 11 779 173

Liet General Omar Hassan Ahmed Al Bashier
The President
The Republican Palace
P O Box 281

Staff Fax: 00 249 11 779 977

President’s Advisor on Ta’asil (Isalamic affairs)
Prof Ahmed Ali Al Iman
Address; As above

Fax: 00 249 11 777 247

Ambassade du Sudan
56 Avenue Montaigne
75008 Paris

Tel: 01 42 25 55 71/73/76
Fax: 01 45 63 66 73

Embassy of the Republic of Sudan
2210 Massachusettes Ave NW
Washington Dc 20008

Tel: 202 338 8565
Fax; 202 667 2406

Embassy of the Republic of Sudan
354 Stewart Street
K1N 6K8

Tel: 613 235 4000/4999
Fax: 613 235 6880
E-mail: Sudanembassy-canada@home.com

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