What’s New at www.ihrc.org.uk?

What’s New at www.ihrc.org.uk?

Islamic Human Rights Commission

24 June 2008

What’s New at www.ihrc.org.uk?

In this ‘What’s New’ a series of Alerts outlining recent human rights issues in UK, Nigeria, Libya, Sudan, US, Trinidad and Tobago. We also have a Press Release on IHRC’s Oral Intervention at Human Rights council UN in Geneva on the extension of pre-trial detention in UK.

Press Releases


Alert Update: Hicham Yezza’s deportation cancelled, immigration case to be reviewed.
10 June 2008
Hicham Yezza’s scheduled deportation for 1 June 2008 was cancelled and his immigration case is now with home offices legal advisers.

URGENT ALERT UPODATE: NIGERIA – Sokoto detainees each sentenced 11 years
04 June 2008
The 113 remaining detained members of the Shia group in Sokoto have each been sentenced 11 years in prison after ten month of detention awaiting their trial.

Alert: Former Nottingham University Student to Be Deported to Algeria This Sunday.
29 May 2008
Hicham Yezza, a former PhD student and current member of staff at the university of Nottingham faces deportation to Algeria on 1 June 2008.

Alert: Libya – Refugee dies in detention in Misratah.
27 May 2008
IHRC has received reports that a refugee detained at Misratah detention facility in Libya has died due to negligence by Libyan authorities.

UPDATE ALERT: SUDAN – Correction in Name of Justice Minister/Attorney General.
20 May 2008
Please note the correction for sending letters of appeal about implicating Popular Congress party members in Omdurman rebel attack.

Press release

PRESS RELEASE: Trinidad and Tobago – US to expedite extradition of ‘terror’ suspects.
20 June 2008
IHRC expresses concern over the upcoming attempts to expedite the extradition of 3 JFK terror plot suspects to the US.

PRESS RELEASE: UK – Samina Malik Has Won Her Appeal.
17 June 2008
Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC) welcomes this decision in accepting the appeal of Samina Malik.

PRESS RELEASE: GERMANY / TURKEY – Rights Organisation refused visa to Germany to investigate hate crimes.
13 June 2008
IHRC is deeply concerned by the refusal of a visa application to a respected human rights organisation by German authorities.

PRESS RELEASE: UK – Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC) makes an Oral Statement at Human Rights Council, United Nations Regarding Pre-trial detention in Britain.
11 June 2008
IHRC has made an Oral intervention at the Human Rights Council UN in Geneva on the extension of pre-trial detention from 28 days to 42 days..


The rising fear of hunger.
17 June 2008
Food shortages and climate changes in Bangladesh.

Palestine Event
01 June 2008
Interpal Charity dinner at Maedah Grill.

Jeff Halper in Conversation with Jacqueline Rose
29 May 2008
Professor Jeff Halper, Israeli peace activist, Noble peace prize nominee and Co-odinator of the Israeli Commitee against House Demolition (ICAHD) will be discussing his latest book, An Israeli in Palestine with renowned author, critic and Independent Jew.

Seminar on Palestine
20 May 2008
Open Discussion and Gulf Cultural Club cordially invite you to a seminar on: 60 Years of Despair: Creation of Israel and Occupation of Palestine.


Documents Confirm that US hid detainees From Red Cross
17 June 2008
Washington – The US military hid the locations of suspected terrorist detainees and concealed harsh treatment to avoid the scrutiny of the international committee of the Red Cross, according to documents that a senate committee released Tuesday.

‘Jewish settler attack’ on film
12 June 2008
An footage from a video camera handed out by an Israeli human rights group appears to show Jewish settlers beating up Palestinians in west Bank.

‘It really is psychological torture’
11 June 2008
With MP’s voting on a new, 42-day detention limit for terror suspects, lee Glendining spoke to a 23-year-old student about what it is like to be detained under the existing terrorism legislation.
Slow Death in Gaza
06 June 2008
how would the civilized world react if 1.6 million people were kept imprisoned, denied access to food , clean water, sanitation facilities, and electricity?, Margaret asks.

Research into Islamic Terrorism led to police response
29 May 2008
A masters student arrested under the terrorism Act under suspicion of possessing extremist material.

Nottingham Detainee Innocent but Still Facing Deportation
29 May 2008
Hicham Yezza, former PhD student and a current employee of the university of Nottingham faces deportation to Algeria on 1 June 2008.

Facing the Specters of Israel’s Establishment: the Palestinian Right of Return as the true Healing of the Israeli Society.
27 May 2008
ten years ago, when the state of Israel was celebratingits fiftieth anniversary, our main duty was to explain that the creation of Israel was also the Palestinian Nakba, and often people asked “ what does Nakba mean?”

The Tortured Law on Torture
13 May 2008
”Torture confessions have proved useful” claims Bush.
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