The Lost Joseph by Hafiz – Lockdown3 Blog #1

The Lost Joseph by Hafiz – Lockdown3 Blog #1

We are resharing and updating this blog from the first UK lockdown, published on 27 March 2020. We hope it provides some solace and hope in these difficult times.

The Lost Joseph, Hafiz and some things to think on in these times.

We are curating some lists of things to read and watch while in self-isolation.  It’s a mix of free, to buy, @ihrc resources and others.  Please send us your feedback, requests and suggestions.

Before getting to the issue at hand, we have had an overwhelming response to our last post, Quarantine Quran Time.  In particular everyone loved the image and the line.  We can’t take credit.  A number of such images and the concept have been circulating on social media for a few days now.  May the originators receive all the reward.

The Lost Joseph by Hafiz

The great poet and mystic Hafiz (Hafez) needs no introduction.  This poem of his has struck a chord in these discordant times ‘The Lost Joseph / یوسف گمگشته بازآید به کنعان غم مخور’

It is addressed to the Prophet Yaqub (Jacob) about the loss of his son Yusuf (Joseph).

Your lost Joseph will return to Canaan, do not grieve
This house of sorrows will become a garden, do not grieve

Oh grieving heart, you will mend, do not despair
This frenzied mind will return to calm, do not grieve

When the spring of life sets again in the meadows
A crown of flowers you will bear, singing bird, do not grieve

If these turning epochs do not move with our will today
The spheres of time are not constant, do not grieve

Don’t lose hope, for awareness cannot perceive the unseen
Behind the curtains hidden scenes play, do not grieve

Oh heart, should a flood of destruction engulf the world
If Noah is at your helm, do not grieve

As you step through the desert longing for the Ka’aba
The thorns may reproach you, do not grieve

Home may be perilous and the destination out of reach
But there are no paths without an end, do not grieve

Our state in separation from friends and with demands of foes
The God who spins fate knows all, do not grieve

Hafez, in the corner of poverty and loneliness of dark nights
As long as your words are prayers and lessons of Quran, do not grieve.

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Listen to a recording by Khalid Abdalla below[blog continues after audio]

Here is a rendition by Shajarian

For our part we have many volumes of Hafiz in store.  Including this beautiful ‘Pocket Hafiz’.  It is in Farsi and comes with a small leather case.  For multiple language and English only Hafiz please browse our Hafiz catalogue.

Prophet Yusuf

We do have the DVD set of the epic and superlative TV series Yusuf Payambar (The Prophet Yusuf) instore, but to be honest, we think you can find it online too with translations in various languages here on its very own Youtube channel.  Here is the link to the first episode with English dubbing (you may find other versions with subtitles if you prefer). A warning though, it does depict prophets.  If you have fiqh issues in this regard, please don’t watch.


There are 40 some episodes, but it’s well worth the effort. 

The trials and triumphs of Prophet Yusuf (pbuh) contain many lessons for us in our lives.  Find his story conveyed for younger readers in the store alongside the lives of other Prophets here.

Finally on the theme of Prophet Yusuf’s later imprisonment, a memory from Dawud Wharnsby Ali with ‘The Beautiful Story of Yusuf’ (acapella).  Buy the Book of poetry Colours of Islam by Wharnsby Ali with CD here.

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