What’s new at www.ihrc.org.uk?

What’s new at www.ihrc.org.uk?


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1.       Intro

We have been busy at IHRC, finishing up our annual newsletter that will be published in Ramadan. We also have a number of events that will happen leading up to it, including an author evening with Katy Sian. You can stay up to date on what is happening at IHRC by following us on social media. Our Facebook page and Twitter accounts have regular updates where you can stay in touch with us and engage with us in our activities.

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2.            Press Releases

PRESS RELEASE: Unsettling Sikh and Muslim conflict – Book Launch

IHRC will be hosting the launch for author and lecturer Katy P. Sian’s book,  Unsettling Sikh and Muslim Conflict.  The book take a critical view of the relationship between the two communities, mistaken identities, forced conversions and post colonial formations.

Forwarded Press Release: Portugal – Another Young African murdered by the Police

News from Plataforma Gueto, Portugal about more alleged police brutality

3.            Alerts

Forwarded Alert: UK Documentary Film Screening – Ali Aarrass pour l’exemple (sub-titled in English)

Forwarded alert from International State Crime Initiative (ISCI)

4.            Multimedia

Life and Struggle after Boston and Woolwich

Poet and thinker Mark Gonzales and writer and IHRC head of research Arzu Merali discuss recent events, dilemmas and alternative narratives with Assed Baig.

5.            Briefings

LETTERS TO EUROPEANS, now available on-line

IHRC was privileged to take part in the project Letters to Europeans. The project came from a proposal which was launched by Boaventura de Sousa Santos within the ALICE project as part of its objective of rethinking and renewing scientific-social knowledge on the basis of forms of knowledge and experiences of the world that have been marginalised and rendered invisible by hegemonic thinking.

The letters are now available online. Find out more here

6.            Events

Book Launch: Unsettling Sikh and Muslim Conflict by Katy P. Sian

We are delighted to launch Katy P. Sian’s courageous book that challenges racialised communities to critically look at their conceptualisations of each other. 

In Unsettling Sikh and Muslim Conflict: Mistaken Identities, Forced Conversions and Postcolonial Formations, Sian provides a critical investigation into Sikh and Muslim conflict in the postcolonial setting.

We will be selling signed copies of her book at the shop. These will be dispatched on 27 June 2013.

Date – 26 June 2013

Time – 6.45pm (GMT+1)

Venue – IHRC Bookshop (also streaming live on www.ihrc.tv)

7.            Blogs

This speech will not be made in Syria

As Obama orates in Berlin, Moosa Arendt wonders what an alternative message from the First Lady would sound like.

8.            Shop

The IHRC on-line shop shop.ihrc.org now accepts Paypal payments.

We have a range of new artwork that has arrived from Granada, Spain. These include prints in Kufic on Basira (£10) –


Whether you’re a beginner or an expert at Islamic calligraphy, or want an original gift idea, we now have a range of bamboo reed calligraphy pens that have also arrived from Granada. You can get a set for £15 from the IHRC Bookshop. Other types available (including Diwani, Ruca, and Maghrebi tips). Visit the links below to purchase them –






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Holy Qur’an: Chapter 4, Verse 75

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