What’s new at www.ihrc.org.uk?

What’s new at www.ihrc.org.uk?
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1. Intro

We have been busy at IHRC, our annual newsletter has now been published. We also have a number of events that will be happening, Al Quds Day 2013 annual demonstration and rally. Visionary photographer and artist Nasreen Shaikh Jamal al-Lail’s work is being exhibited at MAPS over the summer. You can stay up to date on what is happening at IHRC by following us on social media. Our Facebook page and Twitter accounts have regular updates where you can stay in touch with us and engage with us in our activities.

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2. Press Releases

PRESS RELEASE: Stop and Search

IHRC has for years campaigned against the discriminate use of stop and search alongside the lack of accountability of police when carrying out such searches.

What we have been saying has now been confirmed by the recent HMIC report into police stop and search.

PRESS RELEASE: IHRC condemns the closing of TV channels in Egypt

After the military coup that took place in Egypt to remove the democratically elected leader of the country, the military has moved quickly to close down religious TV stations. 

3. Alerts

Action Alert: Anniversary of Srebrenica massacre

18 years ago Serb forces entered a United Nations ‘safe zone’ and proceeded to murder 8,000 men and boys. 

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Free Advice Surgeries – London, UK

Islamic Human Rights Commission offers free weekly Information and Advice surgeries every Wednesday. Our professional caseworkers can provide people with information and advice on a whole range of issues.

Our service is confidential, independent and free.

4. IHRC in Media

Islamophobia on the rise in UK

Islamophobia is on the rise in UK, reported by Press TV.

9-11 was a watershed moment. A game-changing tragedy. And birth of the modern day Islamophobia that has spread across North America and Europe.

Four stabbed in UK mosque attack

IHRC’s chairman Massoud Shadjareh said “Muslims feel scared right now”, featured in Nation – Pakistan Daily Newspaper

LONDON – Three men and a police officer are being treated in hospital on Sunday after they were stabbed at a mosque in Birmingham.

West targets truthful media: Raza Kazim

Press TV has talked with Raza Kazim, with the Islamic Human Rights Commission from London to share his ideas on the issue of the Western powers taking Iranian media off the air in their respective countries while hypocritically claiming they actively support freedom of speech.

Islamophobia on the rise in UK

9-11 was a watershed moment. A game-changing tragedy. To watch the video by PressTV click here > Islamophobia in the UK

And birth of the modern day Islamophobia that has spread across North America and Europe.

The latest research by academics at Teeside University shows just how endemic Islamophobia has become in Britain since 9/11. Half of the country’s mosques and Islamic centers have been attacked – that’s 700 in 12 years. 

5. Briefings

Assessing Hate Crimes and Backlash for Policy Change

IHRC has been involved in monitoring hate crimes, discrimination and bias / hate related incidents in various setting since the organisation was founded in 1997.  The following briefing sets out an overview of established methods of data collection, our experiences as an organisation, the methods we and other civil society organisations (CSOs) have used to collect and collate reliable data and present them to policy makers, the problems posed by these methods, as well as the methods developed to fulfil clear objectives

6. Upcoming Events

Al Quds Day 2013

Join the annual demonstration and rally. Assemble at Portland Place at 2pm, marching to Grosvenor Square. Details for Al Quds Day 2013:

Date: Friday 02 August 2013
Time: 2.00pm – 7.00pm 
Assembly Point: Portland Place (near BBC Radio just off Duchess Street)
End/rally location: Grosvenor Square
Nearest train/tube: Regents Park (Bakerloo), Great Portland Street (Metropolitan), Euston Square (Metropolitan) & Euston Station (Northern, London Over ground and national rail)

For more information on any of the above, please contact events@ihrc.org or call the Events Team on 020 8904 4222 (Ext 1011)

Visionary Awakening

IHRC is delighted to host visionary photographer and artist Nasreen Shaikh Jamal al-Lail’s work at its gallery in Wembley, northwest London.  Jamal al-Lail  is a First class graduate in Photography (BA) from the University of Westminster.  Her work is being exhibited at MAPS over the summer.

Exhibition Launch Wednesday 18 September 2013, 7pm – 9pm

If you would like to attend the exhibition launch please contact events@ihrc.org.  Space is limited so please book early.

7. Blogs

This is not a coup

A satirical analysis of Egypt’s military coup July 2013. This is not a coup? Ash-shab yureed isqaat an-nidhaam. A general with medals makes the announcement that the elected President has been replaced. Is it a coup?

8. Shop

This week we are commemorating the awful events in Srebrenica in 1995 that saw the worst massacres on European soil since the Second World War.  This horrific part of the Bosnian genocide is sadly overlooked.  We have many works looking at what happened, but also other works from scholars and leaders in Bosnia like Rusmir Mahmutcehajic and Alija Izetbegovic which talk about unity, harmony and the possibility of a spiritual and sanctified life.

Srebrenica: Record of a War Crime / Jan Willem Honig & Norbert Both

This was the largest single war crime in Europe since the end of World War II, and what made it even more shocking was that it took place under the eyes of Dutch UN troops who were stationed there specifically to prevent such a disaster. Also, there had been clear warnings of a looming bloodbath. How could the massacre have happened and could it have been avoided? These are questions this account tries to answer.


Under the UN Flag / Hasan Nuhanovic

For the first time here is a publicly available account of the terror and inhumanities experienced by those seeking sanctuary from genocide and placing their lives and their trust in the hands of the peace keepers. Unarmed, starved and deprived of basic humanitarian needs the people of the ‘safe haven’ of Srebrenica placed their complete reliance on the promise of protection by the United Nations The book is compiled from first hand experience of the events by Hasan himself as well as other survivors of the genocide. It provides a detailed chronology covering the days leading up to the notorious 7/11 when the genocide of Bosnian Muslims in Srebrenica began and the subsequent period during which the world media continued to propagate the message that nothing sinister was going on: it took the best part of six years before genocide was officially deemed to have taken place in 2001. This unique account is both an exhilarating read and a major point of historical reference.

Hasan Nuhanovic was a translator for the UN during the events and lost his family in the genocide.  He provides a poignant and painful commentary on the events.


Look out for the following titles too:

Stone Sleeper / Mak Dizdar

The Mosque: The Heart of Submission / Rusmir Mahmutcehajic

Surviving the Bosnian Genocide: The Women of Srebrenica Speak / Selma Leydesdorff

On the Other: A Muslim View / Rusmir Mahmutcehajic

Islam between East and West / Alija Izetbegovic

Inescapable Questions / Alija Izetbegovic

Also this week, Sohail Daulatzai’s amazing book Black Star, Crescent Moon is back in stock and at a reduced price of £16.90.  If you are only going to buy one book this summer, this is the one for you.


The IHRC on-line shop shop.ihrc.org now accepts Paypal payments.

We have a range of new artwork that has arrived from Granada, Spain. These include prints in Kufic on Basira (£10) –


Whether you’re a beginner or an expert at Islamic calligraphy, or want an original gift idea, we now have a range of bamboo reed calligraphy pens that have also arrived from Granada. You can get a set for £15 from the IHRC Bookshop. Other types available (including Diwani, Ruca, and Maghrebi tips). Visit the links below to purchase them –






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