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Scots boycott Israel BIG Time

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Scots boycott Israel BIG Time

In March, the BIG (Boycott Israeli Goods) campaign was launched in Scotland. The event was held in a committee room of the Scottish Parliament, and speakers included a Church of Scotland Minister, a Jewish journalist, a Palestinian and an organiser of the BIG campaign in England. Boycotts news has received a lot of correspondence addressing our coverage of Palestine Solidarity Campaign's boycott. An EC reader who attended this launch wrote to us saying, "All the speakers emphasised that the boycott was in no way anti-Semitic. In fact many Jews support it… to show the Israeli Government that their military suppression of the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people is rapidly alienating many of their friends.” Some other readers thought that EC's coverage of the PSC's call to boycott such goods as Carmel and Jaffa fruit was tantamount to anti-Semitism. However, an open letter from the Secretary General of Amnesty International, the Executive Director of Human Rights Watch and the Secretary General of the International Commission of Jurists referred to the current Israeli occupation as a 'human rights crisis' and stated that "The international community is morally, and legally, obliged to act to ensure respect for such basic humanitarian principles.”

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