Alert – Keep pushing out our Boycott Leaflets

Summary  We must push even harder to boycott companies supporting the Gaza Genocide and together bring it to an end.     Background  29,000+ Palestinians have been murdered in the Gaza genocide, including over 12,500 children, with another 7,000 thousand Palestinians missing. We must step up


Charity watchdog pressed again to act against Israeli army fundraisers

IHRC has pressed the Charity Commission to take firm and immediate action against Zionist charities in England that are openly raising funds for the Israeli army, despite the Commission having stated that is is against the rules for registered charities. In a response to IHRC

Anti-Zionism tribunal decision makes workplaces safer spaces

The decision by an employment tribunal yesterday that anti-Zionist views are protected under equality law is a significant milestone for Palestinian liberation advocates operating in England and Wales. In deciding that the University of Bristol unlawfully sacked and discriminated against Prof. David Miller the law

IHRC demands Aldi withdraws unmarked Israeli dates

IHRC is demanding that the supermarket chain Aldi remove Israeli dates from its British stores that do not carry the country of origin on the packaging. In a strongly worded letter to Aldi today IHRC accuses the retailer of deliberately concealing the origin of its

Letter to Aldi re sale of unmarked Israeli dates

CEO Giles Hurley Holly Lane Atherstone Warwickshire CV9 2SQ (media team)   Dear Sir,   We are writing to protest in the strongest possible terms at what we believe is a deliberate attempt by Aldi to conceal the origin of its