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A Message to Students: we stand with you

A message from IHRC Chairman, Massoud Shajareh to University Students who are standing against genocide. The battle for justice bears heavy costs that we commend you for bearing. We stand with you. You are on the right side of history.

Coconuts are fair game

Faisal Bodi argues that minorities should not shy from using communal vernacular to express political dissent, despite the decision to prosecute Mareiha Hussain I have a very personal interest in the case against Mareiha Hussain. This week, the 37 year-old schoolteacher was charged with a

IHRC extends support to pro-Palestine student encampments

IHRC has sent a letter of appreciation and support to the student encampments that have sprung up at campuses across the UK. The letter commends students for taking a principled stand against the ongoing genocide in Gaza and demanding that universities sever all ties with

IHRC letter to student encampments supporting Palestine

Dear students, I want to commend the courageous and principled stand you are taking in opposing the genocide in Gaza. By doing so, you are aligning yourselves with morality, humanity, and placing yourself on the right side of history. You are also following in a

Police blasted for arrests of rabbis in pro-Palestine demonstration

Organisers have criticised the Metropolitan Police’s handling of yesterday’s al-Quds Day demonstration in which two ultra-orthodox Jewish rabbis were arrested for inciting anti-Semitism. The bizarre incident occurred at the end of the march in London yesterday which attracted around 15,000 participants. Police swooped on them

One dead as police fire at Al-Quds Day demonstrators in Nigeria

At least one person is reported dead and many more are injured after police opened fire on the annual Al-Quds Day march in Kaduna, northern Nigeria. Haidar Ishaq was hit when security forces shot at demonstrators who were marching peacefully. Videos from the event show