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20 years ago the ICJ found Israel’s wall illegal

20 years ago the ICJ ruled that Israel’s wall was illegal. A year later Palestinians called for an official BDS movement. Israel continues to ignore international law and the ICJ. And we continue to pressure Israel with BDS and other actions to stop the Gaza

Emancipating the Muslim Mind

Fahad Ansari challenges the institutional mindset amongst UK Muslims regarding the electoral process, in this timely piece.   “The most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed” Steve Biko “We are going to emancipate ourselves from mental slavery

Event Report: Palestine and the Quest for Justice

IHRC collaborated with Islamic Courses for the panel discussion Palestine and the Quest for Justice with speakers Professor Ilan Pappe, Laila Al-Arian and Jonathan A.C. Brown. The event was held at the Al Manaar Islamic Centre in Ladbroke Grove and was chaired by Yahya Birt,

What the Algerian Revolution Tells Us About Palestine

This week Algerians are celebrating 62 years of independence from French colonial rule. Over 5 million Algerians were killed in their fight for freedom. Here is what they can teach us about today’s fight for a Free Palestine

Gaza Genocide – Resources

Background The death toll in the Gaza Genocide has exceeded 35,000 and yet the Western powers have only intensified their support for it in the face of a global people’s uprising. The horrors being inflicted on the Palestinians show no sign of letting up. This

Support the students who have taken a stance against genocide!

Background Across the World students have taken a stand against the Genocide in Gaza, by demanding that their universities break all links with the Apartheid. These brave students, who have built encampments on their campuses, have been threatened, slandered and even physically attacked, yet have

UN Side Panel on the Palestine Movement Crackdown

Join the IHRC’s UN team for the UN side panel on the Palestine Movement Crackdown DATE: 24 June 2024 TIME: 11.00 am CEST. Venue: Online IHRC TV or YouTube  – in person Room XXV, UN Buildings, Geneva Download the 2023 Report here    At this event, the SR Rapporteurs