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PRESS RELEASE - UK/Palestine: Al-Quds Day demo to take place on 3 July

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alqudsday2015The demonstration will take place on Sunday, 3 July

PRESS RELEASE - India: Gujarat massacre verdict should not be an excuse to let Modi off the hook

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indian-flag-181IHRC believes that there is sufficient evidence to implicate Modi and his administration for stoking the 2002 bloodshed or at least standing by while Muslims were mercilessly killed

PRESS RELEASE - UK: Speakers' Trust urged to reinstate Palestinian contestant

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speakerstrustIHRC believes that the decision flies in the face of the stated ethos underlying the competition which allows participants to "speak on any topic they feel strongly about"

PRESS RELEASE - UK: Shariah court review is hostile and discriminatory

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ihrc-logo-inverted-oncanvas-smallerThe government's announcement today of an independent review into shariah courts in England and Wales is another example of of the government's hostile and discriminatory treatment of Muslims in Britain.

PRESS RELEASE - UK: Extremism bill will destroy our freedoms not protect them

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police-gun-londonThe proposals confirm our view that anti-terrorism policy is part of a wider social engineering exercise designed to control and shape Islam and Muslims in Britain

PRESS RELEASE - UK-Nigeria: Nigerian president faces demonstration over bloody massacre

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Nigerian-flagNigerian President Muhammadu Buhari will face a gauntlet of protestors demanding action over last December's massacre when he arrives in London later this week.

PRESS RELEASE - Bangladesh: International community urged to help halt opposition leader's execution

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Motiur_Rahman_NizamiIHRC is urging the Bangladeshi authorities and the international community to prevent the imminent execution of Motiur Rahman Nizami

PRESS RELEASE - UK: We must not conflate anti-Zionism with anti-semitism

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Ken-Livingstone-440x269Criticism of Israeli policies and Zionism is not anti-semitic (you can be a Jew and anti-Zionist).

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