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The Penang Declaration

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The Penang Declaration was written after a closed door meeting in Malaysia that discussed ‘Muslim Challenges, Priorities and Solutions’. The meeting took place in October 2016

The declaration can be read here.

Beforehand and over the course of the meeting, numerous briefings were submitted by participants. This page will be be updated with briefings from the meeting that focus on a variety of issues concerning the Muslim community internationally.

A Critical Time by Imam Asi - discussing the Zionist project of colonisation

1492 and the Formation of Modernity by Ramon Grosfoguel - Modernity is a civilizational project of death. It has not only killed more human beings in war history but it has also destroyed and killed other forms of life in a way that has never happened before in human history

Moral Decay and Hollywoodization in the Muslim World by Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid - Moral degradation is worse than a complex and serious disease with devastating long term consequences

Download this file (Penang declaration.pdf)Penang Declaration[PDF]574 Kb

Don't be a Silent Victim

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