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War in Syria Looms: Trump’s Tweets “Our Missiles are Nice, New & Smart”

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trump_tweetTrump has warned Russia that it should get ready for missiles to be fired at Syria

Massoud Shadjareh on RT: Discussing Palestinian School Books

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massoud_rt_april_18Are Palestinian school books promoting 'martyrdom'?

Seven Years Ago, West Sparked Syrian War to ‘Dismantle the Whole Syrian Nation’

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sputnik_march_2018The civil war was the tool to destroy and dismantle the whole Syrian nation

Myanmar ethnic cleansing of Rohingya persists

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arzu_press_march_18Arzu Merali on the situation in Myanmar

Jerusalem conference calls for resistance against Israel

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palestine-flagcampaignThe seminar sought to examine many themes relating to Palestine

From Friendship to All-Out War: Trump vs. Bannon Battle Takes Shape

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massoudbbcPro-government demonstrators took to the streets across Iran today as one Iranian general declared the protests "defeated."

Alabama Political Earthquake: What Does It Mean for Politics in the US?

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MassoudSThe Organization of Islamic Cooperation met in Istanbul today to condemn President Trump's decision to move the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem

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