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Nigeria issues arrest warrant for Islamic movement’s spokesman

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ibrahim_musaNigeria has issued a warrant for the arrest of the spokesman of Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) a few days after banning the group

Britain's New Prime Minister Has a Huge Islamophobia Problem

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theresamay5Theresa May has driven extreme policies that surveil and criminalize Muslims, migrants and refugees

UK Muslims alarmed by May’s appointment as new Prime Minister

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theresamayBritain’s new Prime Minister Theresa May has made a reputation for damaging Muslim communities

Judiciary in Bahrain extension of royal family

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bahrain-flagPress TV interviewed Massoud Shadjareh about the decision made by a court in Bahrain to dissolve the country’s main Shia opposition group

As a British Muslim, I'm terrified that Theresa May - winner of 2015's Islamophobe of the Year - is my new Prime Minister

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theresamay1May used the Human Rights Convention she scorned as a means to halt the extradition of Gary McKinnon to the US - while allowing that of Talha Ahsan

Pro-Palestinian Activists March Through London to Mark al-Quds Day

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palThe goal of the march was to call for an end to racism, anti-Semitism and Zionism

London pro-Palestine demo sees thousands take to the streets

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palestinemarchQuds Day, also know as Al-Quds day, is an annual international event held towards the end of Ramadan.

London Protesters Demand Justice For Zaria Massacre Victims During Buhari Visit

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3The aim of the protest is to call attention to the Zaria massacre, in which at least 350 Shiite Muslims were killed by the Nigerian military

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