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UK police “complicit” in radicalizing those joining ISIL

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arzupresstvjubArzu Merali on the three sisters from Bradford who left for Syria

Cameron warns of 'quietly condoning' IS ideology

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massoudbbcMassoud Shadjareh from IHRC said it was "misguided and dangerous" to suggest that the solution was to tackle the ideology of Islam

The New Prevent: Birkbeck and the Future of Universities

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London_Central_Mosque2-e1426533776888-1038x576For activists and academics, the cancellation of the conference shows that Birkbeck is not as progressive as it believes

Islamophobia In UK: Muslim Leaders Allege Government Contributes To Anti-Muslim Sentiment

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PREVENTwebimgMuslim organizations claimed that programs by the British government have contributed to Islamophobia in the U.K

UK Muslim Organizations Accuse Government of Islamophobia

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theresamaypoliceA U.K. anti-terrorism program presents the Islamic faith as opposite to "British values," advocates say

Far-right rally in UK protests plan for mosque construction

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presstvmassoudjuneBritish supporters of far-right groups stage a protest rally in Dudley, West Midlands, against plans for building a new mosque there

Islamophobia Laid Bare By Name Ploy

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mrningstarsurevyeMuslim teacher got interview by posing as white Briton on CV

Are You An Extremist? Take This Test Meant For Primary School Pupils

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prevquestThe icing on the bizarrely racist cake is the fact that the programme has been funded with a €500,000 (£360,000) grant from an EU fund

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Don't be a Silent Victim

silent-victimHave you been verbally abused, harassed, discriminated against or even violently attacked because you are Muslim? Have you been mistreated by the police or security services or a victim of anti-terror laws? Click here to report your incident to us in confidence and, if you wish, anonymously.If you are looking for counselling instead of or as well as case support you can also visit Faith Counselling.