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Kashmir and Self-Determination: International Law as a Way Forward

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An introduction to the situation in Kashmir, through a discussion of self-determination.

Eritrean Refugees in Libya Facing Torture / Forcible Return to their Homeland

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A Briefing detailing the plight of the detainees who have never been charged or tried in court and are being held facing impending deportation to Eritrea where they may be subjected to ill-treatment and torture.

A Response to the report by AWAAZ South Asia Watch, June 2006, ‘THE ISLAMIC RIGHT – key tendencies’

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IHRIHRC logoC's concern over the inacuracies in the report and perpetuation of stereotypes. 

Gateways to Hell: Military Checkpoints in the Occupied West Bank

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Yehudit Kirstein

Yehudit Kirstein-Keshet explains the horror of checkpoints as a tool  toward s  Israel's realisation of maximum territory with a minimum of Palestinians; yet another element in the ongoing system of population transfer that began with the Naqba-Disaster of 1948 and that continues, by various means, up to the present time. (June 2007)

Palestinians Under Occupation: Living Without Human Rights

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Dr Daud AbdullahDaud Abdullah contends that the creation of Israel in Palestine in 1948 provoked  untold  human rights abuses both in terms of the collective rights of the Palestinian people to self-determination and in terms of their individual human rights. While the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) outlined ample provisions guaranteeing civil and political rights including the rights to life and liberty of all peoples, Israel has stubbornly refused to conform to these international norms.  June 2007


Discriminating Against the Discriminated: Institutional Bias against Minorities in the UK

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These are the Summary findings of the IHRC seminar from June 2007.

Internally Displaced Muslims in Sri Lanka: Calls for Greater Attention to their Plight

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A look at the plight of an often forgotten minority and issues to do with minority protection in the Sri Lankan conflict.

Muslim Representation in Europe: the British Experience

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Arzu MeraliArzu Merali looks at the Muslim Representation at the British government.

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