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GMD Memorial Essay, June 2010, “Genocide in Cambodia: Revisiting the Killing Fields” by Hussain Araki and Dawud Kapansa

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 In memory of those who have fallen victim to a crime that’s among the worst of crimes, the crime of genocide.

GMD Memorial Essay, May 2010: Warsaw Ghetto by Adam Majeed

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When evil doing comes like falling rain, nobody calls out 'stop!’ When crimes begin to pile up they become invisible. When sufferings become unendurable, the cries are no longer heard. The cries, too, fall like rain in summer.[1]

GMD Memorial Essay, April 2010: Native Americans by Ahmed Uddin

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april_2010When an act of injustice takes place, it is imperative for fellow humans to question and oppose it.

GMD Memorial Essay, March 2010: Congo by Fahad Ansari

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Fahad Ansari on the history of colonisation in the Congo.

GMD Memorial Essay, February 2010: The Philippines by Omar Ahmed

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Omar Ahmed writes on the brutality of the American colonisation of the Philippines.

Resources for GMD Calendar January 2010: Gaza and Operation Cast Lead

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Genocide Memorial Day is a day given to remember man's inhumanity to man in the perpetration of genocides and genocidal acts.

Implications of CST's demonisation of Islam and Muslims

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Collated document of briefings and exchanges between the IHRC and CST.

Preventing Violent Extremism; Response by the Islamic Human Rights Commission To UK Government Consultation

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The Prevent strategy is doomed to fail in its objectives of preventing violent extremism unless and until it solves a number of inherent flaws.

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