Campaign Alert: Demand an amnesty for Nureddin Sirin, Turkey


Islamic Human Rights Commission


25th September 2003

Campaign Alert: Demand an amnesty for Nureddin Sirin, Turkey

1. Who is Nureddin Sirin?
2. Suggested Action

1. Who is Nureddin Sirin

Nureddin Sirin is a journalist who was adopted as one of IHRC’s prisoners of faith in 1997 when he was sentenced to 17 and half years in prison on suspicion of being a member of Lebanese Hizbullah and for supplying photographs to and helping to organise the Al-Quds Day rally in Sincan, Turkey. Whilst in prison he received further sentences related to his articles on Turkey and the Kurdish issue.

For more information on his case, please download the Nureddin Sirin campaign pack from the IHRC website at:
(please note that this pack was compiled before the last change of government in Turkey)

2. Suggested Action

IHRC urges campaigners to push for Sirin’s release by writing / faxing / emailing to the following:

Recep Tayyep Erdogan
Prime Minister of Turkey
Fax: 0090 312 419 58 96

Demand that the Prime Minister, who was a former prisoner of faith himself, immediately and unconditionally release Nureddin Sirin.

Mr Jack Straw MP
Foreign & Commonwealth Office
King Charles Street
Fax No: 020 7270 3539

Demand that the foreign office urge the Turkish government to release Nureddin Sirin who is imprisoned for his beliefs.

Commissioner Chris Patten
European Commission
Directorate General for External Relations
200 Rue de la Loi
B-1049 Brussels

Demand that the European Commission ensures that Turkey releases Nureddin Sirin immediately and unconditionally.

A Nureddin Sirin campaign postcard is available. If you would like copies, please email the office

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