Prison Pack

Prison Pack

Prisoner Packs 2022

“And feed with food the needy, the orphan and the prisoner, for love of Him.” Quran 76:8 The Prophet ﷺ said, “Free the captives, feed the hungry and pay a visit to the sick.” Ibn ‘Abbas said, “The Prophet ﷺ, was the most generous of

Ramadan Recommendations

Prisoner Packs 2021 IHRC will be distributing prisoner packs for Ramadan 2021 to young offenders in prison. Each pack will contain: A Place of Refuge by Asmaa Hussein, sweets, prayer bead, perfume block and Eid card from IHRC Chair, Massoud Shadjareh.”And feed with food the needy, the orphan

IHRC Bookshop Updates

IHRC Bookshop UpdatesIHRC Bookshop & Gallery have a few announcements to share. Book donations to Female Muslim prisoners Every Ramadan IHRC sends prison packs to HMP Buckley Hall to be distributed to the female prisoners. Last Ramadan packs included  ‘A Temporary Gift‘ by Asmaa Hussein,

Contents of a Ramadan prisoner pack

Reflecting on Isolation #8

Keeping our spirits up with Ramadan fast approaching may be challenging for many of us. Let’s take some time to reflect, focus on the positives, and see what lessons we can draw from this period of isolation. Watch: Read: Below is an extract from Talha