IHRC’s Response to London Met Police


Letter below

 Dear Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe,
Thank you for your response to our letter.  We are deeply concerned and disappointed after reading your response.  The attack on the Islamic Centre in North London is exactly what we feared and warned of.  We were not expecting to be brushed aside with such a generic public relations message.
The attacks on 7/7 were worse than that of Woolwich but we are faced with less confidence from the Muslim community to speak out and feel safe.  The difference is that the Metropolitan police, over the past few years, have ceased its communication with the Muslim community.  The only contact is through the anti-terrorism structure, prevent officers or through preferred, handpicked organisations that are selected based on their willingness not to question the policies of the Metropolitan police.    
The dismantling of frameworks that helped engage with Muslim organisations, such as the Islamic Human Rights Commission, along with making the Muslim contact unit a part of SO15 is indicative of the lack of engagement with the Muslim community and not viewing Muslims outside of the terrorist label.
I also find it troubling that you have not publicly condemned these attacks or assured the Muslim community that you will ensure their safety through greater vigilance and police patrols. 
I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours Sincerely,
Massoud Shadjareh
Chair Islamic Human Rights Commission