Alert: Donate to the Uighur cause


The situation for Uighur Muslims in China has been a concern for many years. Islamic Human Rights Commission has been at the forefront of bringing these issues to light but now we need your help in setting up a long-term campaign for justice for the Uighurs. You can donate here and or read more about the work we do below.

Reports of persecution of the Uighurs included forced transfers, arrests without charge, executions, closures and demolition of religious centres and mosques, mass violations of religious rights and more. IHRC has been documenting the plight of Uighurs since our inception and has been documenting crimes that have been committed against them, regardless of whether the story was in the media or not.

We have already been able to carry out research by speaking to Uighurs whether it is in Xinjiang or the Uighur diaspora worldwide.  We need to continue this and need your support to do so.  Our research is presented to international organisations like the UN, EU, OIC and NAM countries.


BRIEFING: Young-Uyghur Women Transferred from Rural China for Forced Labour in Eastern Urban Areas (2008)

You can find our work on our site into the unrest in 2009, the history of the persecution, the forced marriages of Uighur women to non-Muslims and more.  This essential work e.g. sending an undercover reporter to Xinjiang for eighteen months, organising events and seminars, presenting the work at the international level, requires serious and sustained work. 

For more information on our work on the Uighurs, please click here

Action required

To challenge a world superpower such as China we must act strategically and with precision. We need your support to continue our research work, but also to develop and maintain campaigns to mobilise Muslim and non-aligned countries to pressure China to change its horrific policies.  Currently, we see many Muslim nations either justify the actions of the Chinese authorities or turning a blind eye to the atrocities. Only a few have spoken out to express concern.  Help us strengthen those voices and stand against this oppression.

Every penny you donate helps us ensure that the Uighurs are not forgotten, when the media moves on.

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