ALERT: Kashmir – Demand OHCHR take action for Kashmir against Covid-19

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IHRC is deeply concerned regarding the coronavirus situation in Kashmir with fears of disastrous consequences given the recent cases of infection.


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Hospitals in Indian controlled Kashmir do not have an adequate amount of doctors and paramedics, whilst its healthcare facilities are severely diminished with lack of proper protective gear available for medical staff fighting the virus.

The slow speed of internet. The internet was restored earlier this month, however it remains extremely slow with 4G services being unavailable. Doctors have stated that they are unable to download vital manuals needed to fight the corona virus. More than 170 academics have written to the WHO and UN special rapporteurs for the restoration of high-speed internet access.

Further background information is available on the IHRC Kashmir Campaign and Resources page.

Requested Action

IHRC requests campaigners to write to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) to demand India meet its international legal obligations in Kashmir to ensure the right to health is fully provided for those living there.

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Dear Ms Jeria,

I am deeply concerned with the current situation of Kashmir given the coronavirus global pandemic. Hospitals are ill-equipped and doctors do not have the proper protective gear to protect themselves from the virus.

Doctors are also unable to download vital manuals they require to fight the coronavirus as the internet speed is restricted.

I am writing to you to urge the Indian government take action in Kashmir by providing hospitals with the medical equipment they require, doctors with proper protective gear, and for the restoration of full internet access in the Kashmir region.

I look forward to hearing from you in this matter of urgency.


[Insert Name]

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In the current circumstances, IHRC requests you send emails and not post letter.

Michelle Bachelet Jeria, UN Human Rights Council;;