Letter to the High Commissioner of Nigeria regarding the detention of Sheikh Zakzaky


His Excellency George Adesola Oguntade

High Commissioner of Nigeria

9 Northumberland Ave


London WC2N 5BX

18 January 2018

Your Excellency,

The Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC) is writing to you raise our concerns about the continued detention of Mu’allim Ibrahim Zakzaky, head of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN).

I am sure you are aware that Shaykh Zakzaky’s house was demolished and he was injured and arrested by the Nigerian military on 14 December 2015, and has been held since without any charges or a trial. Shaykh Zakzaky, whose health has rapidly deteriorated, is in need of special medical attention. Since his arrest, Shaykh Zakzaky has lost his sight in one eye and the use of one arm. Shaykh Zakzaky also suffered a stroke earlier this month which has further aggravated his dire condition.

The courts ordered Shaykh Zakzaky’s release and he should have been free since 15 January 2017, unfortunately the security services have continued to detain him contrary to court order.

Shaykh Zakzaky’s condition requires specialist medical attention and will need to go abroad to get the necessary treatment. IHRC is happy to host Shaykh Zakzaky in the UK and we will cover all the costs involved, including his travel, accommodation, medical expenses as well as any other expenses that may arise from the trip.

This matter has now dragged on for two years and has become a major blemish on Nigeria’s good name in the international arena. We urge you to use all your powers and influence to help bring about a swift and peaceful resolution.

I would like to request a meeting to discuss this matter further. Please provide date and time you will be available to discuss how this matter can be resolved.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Massoud Shadjareh