Event Report: Author Evening with Asim Qureshi


Qureshi, a renowned campaigner for human rights and justice, spoke about the various cases that inspired his work published as Rules of the Game.  Cataloguing the unlawful detentions, renditions and acts and policies of torture, was a long and often painful process.  Qureshi travelled from the Horn of Africa back to Europe, as well as looking at cases originating in or ending up in North America. 

As well as highlighting the plight of those who have ended up in Guantanamo Bay, he spoken of the disappeared from Bagram airport, those who have simply disappeared, as well as those tortured at the behest of or with the complicity of Western intelligence agencies.  Qureshi fielded questions from those who attended, and highlighted the indiscriminate nature of the war on terror.  Indeed in the course of his research he stumbled upon cases of Christians, in one case an elderly grandmother, who had been detained and interrogated.

A video of the event will be available on this site soon, and on the IHRC video channels.  Rules of the Game is available from the IHRC on-line shop here, and in-store.