Understanding the Roots and Prospects of Bahrain’s Revolution


On the 2nd anniversary of Bahrain’s pearl revolution, join us to salute Bahrain’s pro-democracy movement 5.00 -8.30 Wednesday February 6, 2013
Anatomy Lecture Theatre, Hodgkin Building, Guy’s Campus, King’s College, London  SE1 1UL
 (The closest stations are London Bridge and Borough)

Two years ago the people of Bahrain rose & began their march against the dynastical rule which had reigned the country with extreme forms of repression. All international human rights bodies and most political entities have called for freedom of Bahraini people. Come, listen and see !

The program starts with an inauguration session which will last for 45 minutes followed by two other sessions lasting 60 minutes each. The first will discuss the political dimensions of the Revolution; the second the human rights crisis in the country. Dinner will be served at the end of the program

We hope you will be able to join us (admission is free)

For further information please contact: Dr Saeed Shehabi: 020 7724 3033, Email: mrsam13@hotmail.com, Jawad Fairooz, Ex-MP: 074 4992 6577, Email: jawad.fairooz@gmail.com, Jalal Fairooz, Ex-MP: 077 4731 6484, Email:jalalfairooz@hotmail.com, Ali Al Fayez: 075 9254 7450, Email: alifayez76@gmail.com

Forwarded from: Bahrain Pro-Democracy Group

Forwarded by IHRC solely for informational purposes, please contact source website or contacts above for more information