United Nations Side Panel: Human Rights in Yemen


IHRC will be organising two side panel meetings during the 36th Session on the following topic: Human Rights in Yemen. Read IHRC’s report on Yemen here

WHEN: Thursday, 21 September from 12 – 1pm
WHERE: Room XXVII, Palais Des Nations, UN Headquarters in Geneva

Confirmed speakers:

Mahmoud Jawad – Operations Advisor at Euro-Med and a specialist in International Law and Middle Eastern Affairs

Narjis Khan – Author of the Islamic Human Rights Commission Report ‘Violating with Impunity: Saudia War Crimes in Yemen”

Massoud Shadjareh – Chair of the Islamic Human Rights Commission

Please contact IHRC UN Liaison Officer, Jawad Husain (jawad@ihrc.org / 076 443 7865) if you would like to attend or have any media enquiries.

Refreshments will be served at the start of each side panel meeting, outside the meeting room.